Maybe the Final Post on Chiang Mai – For Now.

– Couldn’t get in to see most of the guesthouses I wanted to inspect for next winter because they were fully booked. I’ll return for a few days during the rainy season for an inspection tour.

– While packing to go home there was stuff which seemed a waste to put in the trash. I divvied it up into 3 categories (household items like paper towels & packs of plastic bags, unopened food and drink, and used but still serviceable items, which was a day pack and a computer keyboard), then bagged them by category. I put the plastic bags out by the large trash barrel near the elevators. Later saw one of the employees hauling all of it away in one load. So much for my bagging scheme. I wonder if the room cleaners took any of the partially used sunscreen, shave cream, shampoo and insect repellent I left behind in the bathroom wastebasket.

– Never figured out why Chiang Mai had so few soi dogs. Somebody had to explain it to me. In the north of Thailand soi dogs are collected then trucked out of the country where they become food.

– It was 5 flights of stairs to my apartment, 6 if coming from the motorcycle parking in the basement. Unless I’d eaten recently, was carrying a non-trivial load or was on the verge of a sweat and didn’t want to go over that edge, I took the stairs. Boarded the elevator one time with a neighbor who had just come back from a run. I asked him where he ran because I hadn’t found anyplace nearby without traffic or narrow roads and so wasn’t walking enough for exercise. He told me of a nearby residential neighborhood. Then he said he’d seen me reach the 5th floor by stairs with motorcycle helmet in hand and not breathing hard so I must be getting more exercise than most. I don’t think about it that way. I want to be have good conditioning, not good relative to other retired folks.

– Most people are pretty bad at giving directions, IMHO. I resemble that remark, at least in one respect. It’s been difficult at times to explain the location of Hua Hin, but usually I saw the light of recognition when I finally mentioned it’s across the Gulf of Thailand from Pattaya. Last time explained the location the man commented on my terminology and I saw the light. I’ve been describing Hua Hin’s location relative to the Gulf. Landlubbers think of directions involving a body of water as it relates to the land. So when I said ‘western edge of the Gulf’, they thought ‘west coast’. What can I say. I’m the son of a son of a sailor.


One Response to Maybe the Final Post on Chiang Mai – For Now.

  1. Woo says:

    I enjoyed your posts on Chang Mai a lot. I have been to CM a few times and liked it there. However CM is only good for a few months of the year.

    Thank You.

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