Venice Lodging vs My Budget

The choices were clear. Lodging prices increased with proximity to the Piazza. The Cheap Charlie Choice is half of a converted FEMA trailer in a mainland campground near a ferry to Venice. Next step up in price is a hotel or B&B on the mainland near the train or bus line.

But I don’t want to be a day tripper. Wandering the maze of Venice without crowds is hugely appealing. Boat and train service schedules seem to have been designed to require staying on an island to do that.

First choice was a locanda, their version of a private residence B&B. Could have found one if I’d started hunting earlier.

Next price bracket are 1 and 2 star hotels, which I rejected after an hour’s consideration. I’ve never seen such a high percentage of negative comments on Tripadvisor. Most of these hotels seem to have quality standards that would fit in perfectly in the Philippines. All are located either near the train station or at the opposite end of Venice. These appear to be in charmless, unrewarding areas for wandering. So to visit the story book parts of Venice one has to board a vaporetti (water bus). I wanted someplace central where I could use the room as a base camp, walking loops in 4 different directions with rests in between.

So I looked at 3 star places away from the Piazza. After 10 minutes the prices had all but convinced me that staying on the island was overrated. Then I found a 3 star closet in my preferred location with all the amenities one would expect for that class of hotel. It’s 120 euros a night (~$165). After the hours of considering other options, that looked like a good deal. I booked 3 nights.

Can you find the photo of the closet sized room? It’s the middle photo, next to last row.

But I have time to come to my senses. They give full refunds if canceled more than seven days in advance. All the less expensive places I looked at have ‘pay now, refund never’ policies.

Now all I need is a budget place for the first night. A day of traveling usually leaves me fatigued so I figure I’ll spend the first night on the mainland. Those trailers are attractive if only as a counterpoint to a 3 star hotel experience.


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