Back on the Net

I don’t like installing computer operating systems but I just had to do it 4 times. 😦

The hard drive on my netbook died two weeks after the warranty expired. That one was a replacement for the drive that failed during warranty. Don’t think I’ll be buying Toshiba again soon.

I sourced a replacement 320gb drive but the 500gb one was so close in price it made sense to get the larger one. Also made sense not to put the larger drive into the computer I use only for traveling and occasional writing sessions out of the apartment. So new drive went in the laptop and the laptop drive was transferred to the netbook. Both are dual boot machines (Linux & Windows) which means installing 4 operating systems and all the additional programs.

Three days after the drive arrived I was mostly done, physically (my mouse wrist hurt) and mentally (I don’t want to ever see a software dialog box again!) so I took a few days off the computer. Except for some email, FB messages, playing Hearts and keeping up on the downloads of current TV shows. That’s about as off of the computer as I can be.


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