Bali Fly

The Travelzoo Weekly Top 20 landed in my inbox. Some weeks I delete it without reading. Most of the time I search on ‘flight’, then delete it. Not this time. Bali is on my Bucket List, now I have tickets for a 4 week stay. Couldn’t pass up the $295 RT fare.

Why Bali? Two, maybe three reasons. First is the beauty of the rural areas. Should make both my photo gland and the being it’s attached to happy.

Second is learning to paraglide. The many kilometer long coastal ridge at Timbis Beach is one of the better places on the planet to both learn and ridge soar. Some of the flight schools are certified to issue the Australian paragliding license which means a formal syllabus and checkoffs for specific tasks and skills. The license is portable, should I ever want to fly elsewhere. This urge to paraglide isn’t out of the blue, no pun intended. I logged 200 hours in hang gliders and earned an Advanced pilot rating from the United States Hang Gliding Assocation.

After discovering Timbis Beach last year I knew when I went to Bali it would be during the best flying season. So slotting this trip between my Western Balkans and Japan trips means going during Bali’s high (but not peak) season. Not too keen on that but didn’t want to put this off another year. The only benefit is the island should be well stocked with Aussies on holiday which leads to the third reason for visiting Bali. My Bucket List does not have an entry for Drunk Aussie MILF, but I wouldn’t rule it out. It’s likely all of them will.


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