Bleeping Health Insurance Company

ACS, a French company, offered me a policy with specific exclusions related to an ancient shoulder surgery. My acid stomach problems were not mentioned. I accepted and paid for the policy. They sent the insurance certificate – with a different set of exclusions. Now all shoulder problems and all GI tract problems were excluded. WTF? I protested.

Weeks passed. They responded with an updated certificate. Exclusions were less broad but still didn’t match their original proposal. I protested.

Weeks passed. Nothing happened. My insurance agent didn’t prod them so I did. It wasn’t a nastygram, but I asked if ‘bait and switch’ was legal in France and recall using the word ‘unprofessional’ somewhere. Two days later they sent an updated certificate with the original exclusions. Case closed. Or is it? They sent a .jpg of a certificate. The actual paper certificate will arrive by courier service. If it has the correct exclusions then the case will be closed.

How can a company think they can get away with bait and switch when the customer has emails documenting the process? How can they act as if customers don’t discuss insurance companies in forums? I already know which forum I’ll use.


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