No Passport, No Exercise

All the options for exercise walking in Hua Hin are bad ones for me. The beach doesn’t have traffic or territorial dogs but it has direct sun and many types of biting insects. The busy roads have narrow margins, the quiet roads have many dogs. Some roads have decent margins or sidewalks and few dogs but navigating the sidewalk hazards makes it a chore. One road has a nice slope and morning shade from a wall, but the wall is covered with monkeys of a type known to bite. The sidewalk also runs under power lines which monkeys use as a sidewalk, while pooping on the real sidewalk below. What’s a walker to do?

I learned of an ideal sounding option last Oct. just before leaving town for almost 3 months. Finally tried it today. I’ll be back.

The walking/running loop around the lake is marked in green. It’s nice. The asphalt track is wide and in great condition. Many trees provide shade, and the oceanfront location is where the breezes are always strongest. Some ran, most walked. Patrons ranged from families with small children to elderly couples and everything in between. Much to my surprise, over 90% of the people were circling in the same direction.

The loop is said to be 800 meters around. Don’t know because I couldn’t bring in my GPS equipped mobile phone. Didn’t think about trying to sneak it in because of all the uniformed men carrying M-16s. That park like setting is Klaikangwon Palace, one of the residences of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. HM the King graciously permits Thai citizens and foreigners to use the lake area for exercise. It’s open from 05:30 to 07:30 and 17:00 to 19:00 each day. Thais must present a national ID card for admission, while foreigners need a passport.


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