Misc. Items Written While Bored on a Bus

Typical Tourist Reaction to Sidewalk Night Vendors

One person stopped to shop is enough to seriously disrupt the crawl along the narrow passage left by night vendors on the sidewalk near my favorite Bangkok guesthouse. The 3 people in front of me were muttering and showing signs of exasperation every time the flow halted. We got past the bottleneck into open ground and picked up the tempo. Within 10 seconds one 1 of the 3 stopped to shop and, of course, did nothing to minimize the amount of aisle space he occupied.

April Fools or Awesome Luck?

Listening to podcasts and playing Hearts on the computer make long bus and minivan rides bearable. I like the challenge of shooting the moon with less than ideal cards. On April 1st, after shooting the moon with a marginal hand, the game dealt me an easy hand to shoot with. Then it dealt one any idiot could have shot with. If I’d been online the obvious explanation was Microsoft was having some fun on April Fool’s day.

Mosquito Racquetball

Those 2 racquets are battery powered mosquito zappers. Useful when checking into a guesthouse where the unscreened windows were open to cool the room. I’m curious how the couple managed to terminate mosquitoes without racquets colliding.

Indoor – Outdoor Thermometer in Bus

First time I’ve seen this. It alternated indoor and outdoor temperatures. The outdoor temp seemed accurate but the indoor one was way off.

Bad Timing for Thai Massage

Good reviews for a Bangkok massage shop motivated me to give it a try after finishing the business part of this Bangkok trip. What made it different was the combination of oil and Thai massage by ladies who knew what they were doing and a strict shop policy of no ‘special massages’. I gave up on oil massages shortly after coming to Thailand because compared to real Swedish massage or one of it’s variants, it’s as disappointing as drinking Hi-C when you wanted fresh squeezed orange juice.

It was excellent but I won’t do it again on an overnight trip. Although the Thai part of the massage was secondary and never got close to the pain zone I was beat afterwards. Woke up sore the next day. Not the ideal prep for 2.5 – 3 hours crammed in a minivan.

When You Look Like Your Passport Photo

A humorist once titled her collection of travel writings “When you look like you passport photo, it’s time to go home”. Where should you go if you start to look like the cartoon character on your t-shirt?

That’s yours truly. Stay demented!


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