An (Almost) Perfect Storm of Unpleasant.

File this under First World Problems. My air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air. Found that out last night before going to bed. Note I didn’t say before going to sleep. Today is Sunday, so air con shop closed. Ditto for tomorrow, a Thai holiday. Could be worse. Next week is Songkran. Who knows how many days in a row the air con shop will be closed.

On a totally unrelated note, yesterday in the next apartment a worker was doing something electrical above the drop ceiling and in front of the air conditioner. Given the high standards of Thai craftsmanship, I can’t imagine that my AC failing the first time I turned it on after he finished working is at all related. Given the importance of saving face, it will never be related, even if it was.

But I’m looking on the bright side. I’m now possibly in the physical state necessary to need my first triple cup of coffee breakfast EVER. Which is also part of the perfect storm because my usual morning hydration check told me the last thing I need now is a diuretic.


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