Trip Prep: Walk 3 Miles in 1 Hour

Three miles in 1 hour has been my personal minimum fitness standard for decades. Started walking with intent in late January. Best I’ve managed is 3 miles in 65 minutes. This is taking way too long, probably because I started from such a low point.

A week ago I exercised even though the stomach said this was not a good day for it. Figured I’d walk a comfortable speed for a comfortable distance just to reinforce the exercise habit. Did 3 miles at an easy pace, then was startled to see it took 57 minutes.

D’oh! It was overcast all day. It’s been mostly hot and sunny since I began chasing the benchmark. Exercise time is late afternoon but recently that still meant a toasty 32C (91F). The overcast dropped the day’s high to 29 C (84 F) and that made a big difference. I like finding out I’m in better shape than I thought. But there’s no rest for this soon to be traveler. I’m doing hills now and expect to start stairs next week because I keep reading about the long climbs from the beaches and to the old walled cities of the eastern Adriatic coast.


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