NerdBrain Said Make a Graph

Rules of thumb are nice, but data is sexy if one is of a particular bent. One website listed lodging prices in a table that was a cut-n-paste away from spreadsheet data so I decided to turn numbers into lines.

Pretty easy to tell when its high season, low season, and oh my, aren’t those a nice pair of shoulders?

(The astute reader has already noticed the prices are unbelievably low, unless they’re trip planning with 1957 edition of ‘Europe on $5 day’. Those are camp site prices for northwest Croatia. They correlate well with guesthouse and private room lodging. I won’t be camping)

The green tinted region shows my travel period. My two main planning objectives for selecting arrival and departure date was to avoid high season and not freeze my giblets off. All the travel source rules of thumb said July and August were high season. I figured some would want to get a jump on July so I selected the departure a week before the beginning of July. That was done to avoid crowds, looks like I guessed correctly.


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