Rejected Titles For This Blog

A friend happened across a 5 year old email in which I announced my impending blog and the titles under consideration. Below is the unedited relevant portion of the email.

(If you’re wondering about the phrase ‘open ended vacation’, in 2008 I wasn’t retiring, I was taking an open ended vacation. At least that’s what I told myself. It was the only way I could wrap my head around quitting a great paying job during the global economic shit storm, getting rid of 99% of my possessions and looking for someplace to live in another country.)

… ===================== …

I do intend to stay in touch, I even plan on starting a *shudder* blog. I already have the subtitle picked out: “Expecting zero readers since 2008”, but haven’t decided on a title yet. Do you have any opinions about my current list of contenders, and the reasons I like them? They’re in rough order from my least favorite to most favorite.

One way tickets

Open ended vacation

No direction home (these 3 were inspired by the lyric “How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home”)

Four Letter Nerd (google finds one instance of this phrase, I’d better claim it before somebody else does)

Becoming Charlie (Post 9/11 IDs all require full legal name. My first name is Charles, which I don’t like. Unless I stick my head in the sand, this open ended vacation is going to transform me, so why not adopt my first name as a symbol of the process?)

Aleve of Absence (you knew this list would have at least one new pun in it. My body is wearing out and I eat too much Aleve)


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