Three April Favorites in Hua Hin

It’s hard not to notice the April transitions in Hua Hin. The wind becomes lighter and more erratic. That makes life less pleasant for tourists and kitesurfers. The influx of the former dries to a trickle, the latter head south for better conditions.

The rainy season is almost here. On some days the cloud development at 8am promises a soaking, but it rarely delivers. On other days towering cumulonimbus clouds build and die over the hills between here and Myanmar but their thunder and rain stay distant.

People here don’t use the term Spring. I do. What else does one call a warming period when some plants rush into color and growth?

These trees briefly burst into yellow before dropping their flowers. They’re best viewed from a distance yet all too often they’re shoehorned into corners, narrow spaces, inside courtyards, etc.

The orange flowers last longer. Those trees are taller than the yellow ones, so for mature trees the bloom is higher up. I’ve been keeping watch for a substantial yellow tree growing under a magnificent orange one:

That photo was taken looking almost straight up.

When the cumulonimbus clouds expend their energy and die the massed water vapor spreads rapidly outward in a layer, usually covering Hua Hin for the rest of the day. The temperature drop seems immediate. Here the leading edge flies over me:

After a photo shoot I’m often torn between finding the first comfortable shady place to sit for a small screen look-see and going home for a more critical view on the computer. The small screen often wins because I can’t see many of the photo flaws and the ride home often passes temptations:


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