Packing With Compression Bags

When packing for a trip to somewhere warm it’s no problem fitting everything into a 42 litre carry-on. Fitting in clothes for both cold and not-so-cold weather is not so easy. I managed it for a winter trip to Vietnam but only by bringing 1 fewer for most clothing items. There had to be a better way.

I’d heard of compression bags but had never tried one because most of my clothes are not bulky. The pictures speak for themselves:

There’s more air in them duds than I thought. Most of the online advice said roll the bags to expel the air. Not sure my hands are strong enough. So I put the bag on a hard chair, placed a firm closed cell foam pad on top and sat on it.

FYI, that’s a Ziploc Big Bag, Size L (3 gallon, 15″ x 15″).


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