Fate told me to find a new place to live. Maybe.

The vacant lot next door was prepped for construction a couple weeks ago. Since then no activity but I know what comes next. Pile driving (everything here is built on piles). Don’t know what’s going to be worse, the engine noise, the diesel fumes or the rhythmic striking of metal on concrete. Any one of them will make being here somewhere between unpleasant and intolerable.

The plan is to get out of town for a 1 week trip once the pile driving starts. Murphy’s law says if I wait for the pile driving, it will never come but if I take the trip anyway, the pile driving will start the day after I return. Then I realized there was another low-season trip I keep forgetting about. Deal with those, Murphy.

Apartments with non trivial sized windows on two walls are rare here. I have big windows on 3 walls. Only way to duplicate that is probably to rent a house. That means giving up one of the best landlords I’ve ever had, regardless of country.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the construction will happen when I’m in Chiang Mai for the high season.


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  1. […] lot next door was prepped for construction about a month ago then sat quiet. A few days ago lines of stakes appeared showing where the piles […]

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