Hunting for a Room in Chiang Mai

As expected I will be living in Chiang Mai (CM) for a few months between late Oct. and mid Jan. All of last years research on long stay accommodations was saved. The lessons learned mean looking for a different type of place in a different part of town. The good places are booked early so I’m now in Chiang Mai. It’s been a day and a half of taking first hand notes and photos of the places researched and those discovered while walking.

So what’s going to be different this year? A quieter neighborhood, windows on 2+ walls, more routine needs within walking distance and a common area that people actually use. An absolute requirement is not having a south facing wall which gets sun all day long. The ones I’ve seen so far that meet my needs are either too small (everything about them is too small) or cost more than last year. Trading money for quality of life is not a problem.

Before moving to Thailand 3 years ago, CM would have been first on the list of towns to consider if it wasn’t for the burning season. It wouldn’t surprise me if I end up living in Hua Hin during the burning season and CM the rest of the year with travel out of the country during the hottest month.


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