Adriatic Trip: Assorted Notes

While considering using a minimalist tumblr for the in-trip documentation I suspected correctly that would mean little motivation for post trip writing. But I still took daily notes, just didn’t use them for evening writing. After today rereading the notes, it seemed with a few clarifying words added they might be amusing as another view of my travel experience.

The locations are where the notes were written so they include observations made traveling to those towns.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

== Rovinj, Croatia
Kirsty Ally eyes.
Tarzan italian helps.
Smoky sidewalk cafes of locals.
Fresh bakery is breakfast, sweet or savory. Pizza, donner, sandwiches with chewy, tear resistant, holes like English muffins, toasted in a press.

== Ljubljana, Slovenia
Europe and it shows.
Quiet. Courteous. Breads. Punctual train. All service people were of good cheer. Sane drivers except for bus.
Ski jump, firewood against walls. 2 lane roads. Understand comparisons to Switzerland.

== Rijeka, Croatia
Every coffee in Italy or Ljubljana, except the Ljubljana train station, was better than Croatia coffee. Or maybe just different in a way I preferred.

== Croatia general
Given a large if not specify size. Everywhere.
No eggs on the menu. Breakfast is coffee, rolls be they sweet, savory or plain.
When clerk speaks first, it’s in German. Why? I’m obviously not Croatian or Italian. Germans are the other major group that visits.

== Bosnia
Red hair.
C cups.

== Zagreb to home
Bus never showed.
Xlnt taxi.
Jumbo line of tour group so clerks pulled out independent travelers.
Sat next to tour guide w bad breath.
Fucked up food.
Life of pi.
Not enough volume.
Half plane too warm, like last time.
Doha. 20 min until boarding. 10 min standing in bus then boy peed.
Another full flight. 1st was a tour group, this is many VN going home.
Clueless about latching bathroom door. No attempts to keep clean.


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