Adriatic Trip: Sea Organ


People listening to the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia. The 3 laying down have their ears to what I thought were breathing holes* for the organ. The 3 seated nearest the prone listners are also listening through holes by their feet. The waves were small that day, so the sound was faint. At other times you don’t need to camp near a hole. Here’s a sample:

*One such hole can by seen in the full size photo by following the line of their heads from left to right. The hole is three squares past the head of the woman on the right.

Visiting this was a turning point in the trip. Others had said Zadar was an overnight stop with some drinking opportunites but not much more. Intermittent rain all afternoon kept me in the comfortable room. After it seemed to stop my optimistic and pessimistic selves had a talk. Optimism won but it wasn’t easy going. I’m glad he won for two reasons. First, the haunting sound of the sea organ was perfect motivation to sit and watch the world go by, including ships. Clouds disappated at sunset neared, a shaft of light illuminating this ferry:


Yea, the rain made for a different trip. One with dramatic light, with seize the moment timing based on weather, optimistic flexibility and faith that the spring rains will come to an end. This photo was taken on the trip’s last day of significant rain.


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