Adriatic Trip: Photo Albums

It took 2 months because I’m unimpressed with most of the photos, even after deleting more than 2/3rds of them. They’re in a single Flickr collection made of up sets for each town. Two of the towns, Venice and Rovinj, have 2 sets, labeled ‘The Best’ and ‘The Rest’. For the other towns the photos are of ‘The Rest’ quality. Adriatic Trip Photo Albums

This phase (disliking one’s photos) in the photographer’s life cycle usually transforms into the gear acquisition phase. Between no income and a lifetime of living beneath my means, that isn’t going to happen. Uh, probably isn’t going to happen.

Many of my favorite photos intentionally have detail in dark areas or have a wide dynamic range between the brightest and darkest lit areas. A better camera sensor would improve the image quality of those areas. I purchased a DSLR to see what it’s like to carry that weight all day while traveling. Don’t like the weight, love the better image quality of the larger sensors. Both Panasonic and Olympus have new Micro Four Thirds cameras coming out next month (the Panny is official, but the Oly is a rumor considered by those who traffic in such rumors highly likely). The sensors should be noticeably better than my 2010 DSLR. The available lenses are substantially lighter and less expensive than their DSLR counterparts. I’ll tell my self I’m shopping to reduce travel fatigue, not for better images.


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