Next Door Dust & Din: Oh Crap

How could it get worse? Let me count the ways.

1) The pile driver workers moved their first hut from the other side of the lot:


to under my window:

Dust and Din Next Door: Holey Crap

Of course, they brought their rooster (not shown).

2) See those trees to the right of my balcony in the photo above? They’re gone:

Dust and Din Next Door: Holey Crap

No idea why the lot was cleared. Optimism tells me the owner was being a good neighbor, sparing the adjacent property owners the ongoing cost of trimming back the encroaching foliage. Yeah, right.

The worker hut was dismantled to make room for the foundation work. No idea if it will be rebuilt.

Actually, neither the dust nor din has been as bad as I anticipated. ‘Musicians Earplugs’ is the generic name for those designed to stop only the loudest noises. I find them the most comfortable. Between those, keeping all the windows shut and changing my habits to be elsewhere when things get noisy, it’s OK. As such I don’t anticipate posting any more on the subject.

[Updated 2 hours later] Oh crap just became Oh Shit. First step in construction is always driving piles. There are six men building what appears to be the wooden frame for a living hut. A big one. They’ll probably put ladders on both sides of the fence – which means my balcony will be within reach. So much for leaving the back door open. So much for thinking this isn’t going to be as bad as I anticipated.
[End update]


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