Mamey Sapote – Best. Fruit. Ever.

Mamey Sapote - Best. Fruit. Ever.

Never seen this fruit before. It was hand delivered from my landlord’s family garden. Flesh is dry, almost fibrous and tastes like pumpkin pie. It was love at first bite.

Taste and texture varies between varieties and ripeness. A sample of taste descriptions from a gardening forum:

– Tastes like pumpkin pie/sweet potato/ but much better.

– The one I had tasted just like a cooked sweet potato but a bit stringy, you sound like you had much better varieties.

– It is very hard to describe the flavor, and it does vary between fruit. The red one tasted different than the orange ones. There is a hint of cinnamon, maybe a touch of allspice? Like a rich, sweet, light, pumpkinish flavor – but unique. The texture is one of the neatest things – soft, creamy, not grainy, not gooey, just perfect! Not like a Papaya or melon, or pear or peach -more like ice cream than anything else I can think of.

The fruit is native to southern Mexico and northern Central America so it’s now cultivate in other tropical areas. Should I ever return to the US, the combination of my adaption to a tropical climate, Mamey Sapote grows easily in Florida and the cheap housing there means I just revised my list of potential states.


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