Next Door Dust & Din: *groan*

Thought I knew enough about construction to think it couldn’t get any worse. But it did.

In March, 2012 I returned from the Vietnam trip to find the empty rowhouse building catty-corner to my balcony was partially demolished. Today they’re finishing the job:


Must. Be. Optimistic. Between earplugs and work not starting until until 8 it doesn’t affect my sleep. Closed windows keep the dust down. Avoiding the too warm apartment in the afternoon by hanging out someplace has mostly positive side effects. The completed building next door will probably put my apartment in morning shade. That’s great because it’s the only wall which gets direct sun.

Maybe things will be better in mid January after returning from Chiang Mai.


One Response to Next Door Dust & Din: *groan*

  1. […] began next door almost 7 months ago. One of the more obnoxious aspects is no more. Back in Sept. workers cleared the lot behind my […]

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