Japan Trip: Soi Dogs and Jet Lag and Bucks

– The second best part about returning home is sneaking up on my favorite soi dog. Twice I’ve sat next to her then said her name (Spike) to wake her. Her happy reaction in a body that isn’t fully awake is both funny and charming.

This time she was awake but it was night so maybe I could surprise her. Spike was at her usual spot, scratching flea bites (also as usual) so I came around the corner then squatted, thinking the unusual profile plus distance and darkness would slow her recognition. I stared, she noticed but didn’t react. Done scratching, Spike stared back. Getting up, she ambled down the street keeping an eye on me. I checked both ways for traffic, called her name, then Spike exploded like a greyhound out of the starting gate. Next time I need to remember she’s big enough to knock me over and seems to enjoy doing so.

– Japan is 2 hours ahead of Thailand so jet lag wasn’t a concern, I’d just deal with it. But I’m trying a new method I read about. Supposedly if you fast for 12 to 18 hours before your usual breakfast time, then resume eating at that time in the new time zone, your body resets it’s biological clock. It would have been useful if I’d remembered that the first day back. So, after a small, early dinner last night and waking up at 5:40 am today I’m doing chores while a half papaya assumes room temperature until 8 am and it’s time to eat. I’ll post how it works out.

– The exchange rate spread on minor currencies was around 50% so I changed my Yen into a major one. Thought about Euros but chose US Dollars. Why? They’re accepted in Vietnam, where I intend to return but the main reason was I hadn’t been on the receiving end of greenbacks since leaving the US in ’08. Nostalgia?


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