Japan Trip: Cost Per Day

This was a surprise. So much of one that one day early in the trip I spent an hour double checking the spreadsheet. Just spent another 30 minutes double checking and comparing my spending record to ATM and exchange records. They’re within $27.

So, believe it or not, the trip per day cost, minus airfare and shopping* was 9,380 JPY (~ $94). How was that done? I kept lodging costs within reason. The Okayama and Kyoto base camp hotels were highly rated for value. Both were fully booked while I was there.

Food costs were kept low by eating in restaurants only for lunch. Breakfast, dinner and snacks came from prepared food section of grocery stores and 7-11s, protein from hard boiling eggs in the room’s hot water pot, carbos came from bakeries and onigiri (seasoned rice balls, wrapped in roasted nori, packaged so the wet and dry don’t meet until opening the package. Check out the slideshow.).

*If shopping is added, the cost per day was 12,850 JPY (~ $129). All the shopping was for items not available in Thailand, available as high priced fakes, available but of craptacular quality, or the identical items were easier to buy in Japan than Bangkok. Shopping wasn’t recreation so it doesn’t make sense to include it in the cost per day.


3 Responses to Japan Trip: Cost Per Day

  1. travelnlass says:

    “…protein from hard boiling eggs in the room’s hot water pot,,,”

    Utterly BRILLIANT, my good man! I too pinch pennies via 7-11 and grocery store breakfasts, lunches and snacks (yogurt and museli plus juice in the morning, and simple ham/cheese or PB ‘ J or even tuna sandwiches for lunch, etc.) but…

    It never occurred to me that – why of COURSE – if you can boil water then you can most surely likewise boil an EGG!

    Brilliant my dear, brilliant.

    Still… nearly $100 per day given your frugal measures is a bit dismaying. When I head to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan come February, I hope to do some couchsurfing to trim my slim budget. Amazingly – there’s more than *70* couchsurfing hosts in Sapporo alone!

    P.S. Sooooo nice to have you in my RSS feed again, so I can catch up on your many recent travels.

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      ‘Brilliant?’ You are too kind. Three years of living without a kitchen plus getting tired of what I can cook with boiling water or eat cold for breakfast during the rainy season meant adding hard boiled eggs. Eventually.

      I recalculated my costs assuming staying in a guesthouse every night instead of just the first and last. Is $73 dismaying? One could knock off another $6 by eliminating the daily cappuccino and bakery item.

      My costs also included a 7 day rail pass, essential for my route but maybe not for yours.

      • travelnlass says:

        Yes, I’ll need a rail pass of some sort as well. And likely will fly Tokyo-Sapporo ‘cuz from what I can gather that’s cheaper than the train. But the truth is, I’m only now starting my research on all this, so will be anxious to talk in RT when you get here to Chiang Mai.

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