Japan Trip: FAQ

“You’re not going to Tokyo?” was the #1 question from other travelers after we’d compared routes and highlights. “Not this trip.” was my usual answer. If I do go again, Tokyo is on the top of the list. Also on that list is learning 200 words of Japanese and traveling by local train along a less than crowded coast.

“You didn’t see (some Kyoto attraction)?” Nope. Blood ceilings and Nightingale floors interested me more plus I was sick for 2 days then weak the third day.

“What’s at (Naoshima or Saijo or Tomonoura or Nagoya)?” Some thought the sake breweries at Saijo sounded cool. The only travelers who had heard of Naoshima either had gone or were going. Others expressed no or negative interest in these parts of my route.

One question, sometimes expressed as a statement, prevailed in Hua Hin “Isn’t Japan expensive?” My answer depended on the nature of our friendship but most included some version of “It can be.” This was always the first reaction when someone learned about my Japan trip. That was puzzling, especially because Hua Hin is one of the most expensive places to live in Thailand. Maybe they expected another trip to a low cost destination.


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