Japan Trip: Photo Gear Shopping Heaven

Until visiting Japan I’ve only dreamt of a camera store that sold almost everything one could find on an online site. Yodobashi Camera at Umeda Station in Osaka exceeded my dreams. The photo section occupies most of 1 floor. There are 5 more devoted to consumer electronics, 2 to clothes and 1 for restaurants.


Need a tripod? I couldn’t fit all of them in one shot.


Image stabilization in cameras now means tripods are used mostly for specialized photography. As such, many buy the tripod and head separately. This is 2/3rds of the tripod head display case.


Many serious photographers would love to shoot with a Leica. The total price for these six lenses is $24,000. Might explain why most such photogs never own a Leica.


The store also caters to studio photographers. They’ve got your lighting, reflectors, stands, seamless background needs covered, and more.


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