Photo Project – The What and Why

Two years ago I wrote about being at the stage in the life cycle of a photographer where ‘All I Shoot is Bad’. Since then, two new cameras have allowed me to shoot bad photos in less available light, with higher dynamic range and better technical image quality. Continued learning about post processing (AKA Photoshopping) means the edited results of my bad photos are more in line with what I was trying to do with the editing.

There are known ways to get out of this hole. I’ve been searching and building a library of notes and pages over the last 2 years, but ignored them.

A couple of days ago, out of the blue, I visited the bi-weekly challenge at a former favorite photo site. The challenge tickled my fancy so I went out in search of an appropriate subject. During that 2 1/2 hour session I happened upon a light/shadow combo that needed a tripod and an earlier arrival time. Set a GPS marker, added a calendar reminder, will shoot it on the next sunny morning. The next day I tried an idea from my notes that only needed an existing photo.

All this was fun. There is no shortage of ideas to shoot, all I’ve needed was the motivation. This just might snowball. If it does they’ll be more ‘Photo Project’ posts.


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