Photo Project #2 – On the Slant

Horizons are usually meant to be level, IMHO. Tilting a photo can increase its dramatic impact, so they say. I think it works better in film than in still photography. Are you catching on that I don’t tilt my photos? That’s all the reason I needed to dive into this online photo challenge: There are many cases when a diagonal or slanted view presents a much more powerful image. This is especially true with simple subjects or still life shot. Now, I don’t mean slightly tilted. I mean 30-45 degrees. A good guideline for this type of shot is to line up opposite corners of the viewfinder with the vertical axis of the subject.

Backside of a mall.

This one above sucked the least. But it did have me looking at the world in a new way for 2.5 hours, so that’s a win. And also probably the point of the challenge. This one took patience because I had to wait for 1 or 2 people in the frame at a specific place while simultaneously being able to stand in the middle of a parking structure traffic lane. Zoom you say? Shot with a fixed length lens.

Bamboo bench outside of a seemingly abandoned guesthouse.

“a more powerful image”? Nope. But I like it’s WTF quality.


2 Responses to Photo Project #2 – On the Slant

  1. susiekew says:

    i actually like the bench better. i like the color contrast of the tan bamboo of the bench, and the grey wood and cement of the fence. also, that the bench is tilted one way, and the fence another is interesting, as is the textural feel of the vertical fence and horizontal bench back.

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      I like it better too, it was my favorite of the day’s shoot. I’m going back to try for a better image because I wonder how it looks in full sun.

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