Going to a Formula 1 Race

Planning turned to action, resulting in airline tickets and a hotel reservation. We’re still working on the tickets for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

I’ve never seen a Formula 1 race. I’ve vivid memories of Can-Am at Riverside, Indy Cars at Long Beach and racing an off-road motorcycle. Going to Kuala Lumpur is inexpensive, easy and enjoyable, so after coming to Thailand the F1 event was a no-brainer – but procrastination won out. 2014 is the last year F1 has committed to the Malaysian race. Procrastination evaporated.

A friend of mine from the US is a big race fan, travels to watch races and enjoys SE Asia. I don’t remember who suggested it, not that it matters, but we’re going to the race. The plan is to see some parts of southern Thailand that I’ve either dashed through or couldn’t visit because of rough seas at the time. Then we’ll Fly to Singapore, sample Indonesia, explore southern Malaysia, arrive in KL with time to see the city before qualifying days at the track, then flying back to Bangkok.


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