Popsicle Toes

It’s winter. Four nights ago woke up cold, had to pull on the second sheet. Three nights ago I needed the second sheet and a t-shirt. The next night the t-shirt was ready on the night stand. Last night I put the t-shirt on before going to bed, second time I woke it took the freaking blanket to ward off the cold. Chiang Mai is gripped by the slightly inconvenient, 3 or 4 week long coldest part of winter. How inconvenient? Drinking coffee outside means it cools too quickly.

I joke but that’s because I have the luxury of deciding when to go outside. The fresh markets start setting up before sunrise. This photo was taken at 10:27. Can’t imagine she wasn’t wearing more layers when she started work.

Did you notice the pink kitty earmuffs?


One Response to Popsicle Toes

  1. travelnlass says:

    I KNOW! I returned from Myanmar last Monday and have been wearing my wool long underwear to bed each night!

    Did I mention… I LOVE it? 😉

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