Seizure World

My grandmother moved to a planned retirement community called Leisure World when I was in my teens. Wasn’t long before I learned the nickname.

Hua Hin, like other towns where retired expats congregate, is an unplanned retirement community. Residents shuffle off this mortal coil, their passing is usually noted in the local expat forum. Until now it’s been men I either didn’t know or only knew through their online presence.

An acquaintance’s health had been deteriorating, but still it was a surprise to read last week of his passing. He owned my favorite breakfast place, enjoyed talking with the regulars so we had more than a few conversations. He will be missed.

His passing got me thinking about what I should do to prepare for the inevitable. I don’t have a will. My only assets worth bequeathing are financial accounts where I’ve designated beneficiaries, so that should be enough. But I’ll check to be sure. Wouldn’t hurt to give my landlady instructions on what to do and who to notify in situations where I’m unable to do it for my self.

In the meantime, another trip around the sun is about about over. I’ve long since done all the most appealing things on my bucket list but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stop looking for new things that make me want to push everything aside and dive in. Right now that’s photo projects and shopping for the next camera. Looming on the too near horizon is time to get serious about a possible spring trip to Morocco and or Spain which would start about a month after returning from the F1 race in KL.


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