Terracotta Art Garden – A Special Place

The photos, essays and personal recommendations combined didn’t prepare me stepping through the garden’s entry gate. The photos were of individual pieces, but the garden was a semi organized space filled with piles, stacks, groups and parts of terracotta art. Trying to grasp that was banished by the scent, then identifying that scent, a mixture of moss, new growth, rich wet earth and wet terracotta sculpture. Next, the quiet called attention to itself, as bizarre as that sounds. Outside, the narrow, lightly traveled sois were the most low-key roads I’d seen in Chiang Mai Old Town. Inside, surrounded by high walls, under a thick canopy of mature trees, the quiet amplified because it was something to attend to, to relax into, to absorb.

I wandered through the variety of types of art, done in various styles. The light, and it’s interplay on plants and terracotta works called out to be photographed, but first I needed to take one lap of the garden. Not to seek the best photo ops, but to enjoy the space.

How many pieces and styles can you spot around the main statue?

Preparing new works for accelerated aging. On three different visits, a sprinkler on an 8 ft high stand was spraying some part of the garden.

I took this next shot after a worker moved the sprinkler.

The same group a day earlier, when it was bright sunshine.

Some works lay in piles,

some in order.

Learn more at the official site of the Baan Phor Liang Meun Thai Plant Garden, or at this blog dedicated to the native arts of SE Asia.

Having deep shadows and shafts of sunlight in the same photo required using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique to combine multiple exposures I played with on photo project #3. Unsurprisingly, HDR is a lot harder when I want the results to look good. Anybody like to guess which ones are HDR?

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