Road Design Thai Style

What’s wrong in this picture?

You drive on the left in Thailand, mostly. Here they’re driving on the right. The 2 white arrows, 1 on the pavement and 1 on a round blue sign, show that’s what you’re supposed to do. So what gives? A pragmatic solution.

The 1 km square old city walls, complete with moat, posed a problem to modern traffic flow. One way streets and one way streets feeding into one way streets manage the flow.

This short road connects 2 one way roads. Without this connector drivers would have to take ridiculously long routes to reach their destinations – or drive the wrong way on one way streets running parallel to the connector. Trust me, they’d do the latter. Instead, they do this:

So, for about 200 meters on Chiang Moi Tud Mai, vehicles drive on the right. Works just fine. Can you imagine what would happen if such a solution was proposed in the US of A?


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