Bangkok Shutdown, the Emergency Decree & Me.

*yawn* Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

Flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on day 2 of the shutdown. I had a list of transport options in the unlikely event the Airport – Hua Hin bus line wasn’t running. Not only did it run, as they said it would in an email early that morning, the trip to Hua Hin was the quickest one yet.

The decree went into force yesterday though the government has taken none of the actions it authorized. Either way, it doesn’t apply to areas outside the capital.

The only effects I’ve seen might be availability of retail goods. It’s hard to say because in the best of times store stock seems to change items at random, e.g., they’ll always have juice, but the brands can change week to week. Don’t get me started on The Great Vegemite Shortage. Several Aussies needed to be talked down during that one 😉

But I’m not taking any chances with the essentials. Tesco-Lotus was out of canned sardines several days running before I went ‘D’oh!‘ and scooted to the foreigner food market where people pay WTF prices for the real deal comfort food from home – and can also do their regular grocery shopping. The less expensive sardine brands had thin or no stock, so I bought a 2 weeks supply.

Why, you ask, are sardines essential? I’ve found that eating a small dinner early is best for my stomach acid problems. Obviously, sticking to foods with a history of causing few or no incidents is part of the drill. Sardines have yet to upset my stomach. On days without enough protein, they’re the easiest solution. Besides, I’ll take all the calcium I can get in natural form to supplement the calcium pills. Finally, they’re a key ingredient in one of my favorite forms of quick bachelor chow: rice noodles, steamed greens and sardines, all tossed in the sardine oil. Add salt and red pepper flakes to taste.


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