For the Want of a Credit Card, a Trip Was Lost.

It started as a serendipity triggering carpe diem, but ended in WTF.

A place where I sometimes eat breakfast always has the current Bangkok Post. I rarely look at it. Bringing my netbook is just as rare. But a disciplined morning meant it was after 10:30 and I hadn’t been on the net yet, so I tossed netbook and reading glasses into the bag and headed out.

Plenty of foreigners there but nobody had the Post. I was curious what effect the current political troubles had on the Baht exchange rate, so I grabbed the business section. Which contained an ad for a short-term promotion by AirAsia that started today. Which showed a sample price to Tokyo. Which led to quickly comparing the price to others regular prices, followed by checking the dates of Golden Week 2014, a travel time best avoided. Next I checked the climate norms for Tokyo and Sapporo in May. The netbook generally does not play well with retail sites so I dashed home. Got one of the special fares, hit confirm and my credit card was declined. WHAT?

Skype to the rescue. My bank said no one had attempted to charge my card. WTF? OK, I’ll try again with my other ….. CRAP! Crapcrapcrapcrap. The other credit card expired. Its replacement is in transit from the US, apparently trying to set a record for the slowest USPS express letter. Maybe AirAsia has phone sales … but an online check showed no remaining special fares.

Well, at least I tried to seize the day. I’d rather have a impulse buy thwarted then have found the special fares sold out after taking some time to consider the decision.


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