A Baby Boomer Studying Spanish

When I can’t learn a word on an electronic flash card, I make cards with a phrase containing that word. I choose the phrase so the English version has a clue or two about the Spanish word, or the English version is so common that processing it takes essentially zero brain activity. The word is ‘the rest’ as in ‘the rest of them’. My English phrase is ‘the movie star, and the rest…’

I’ve upped my Spanish practice and learning because this is the year I travel to Latin America or Spain. Or at least buy tickets for 2015. I’d put a disclaimer or some waffle words here, but it’s easier to delete this post if it later becomes embarrassing.


2 Responses to A Baby Boomer Studying Spanish

  1. travelnlass says:

    Latin America, eh? Now that I’m here, I can most definitely recommend Ecuador.

    And for Spanish practice, I’ve been loving Duolingo for brushing up. Great fun, and already I’ve been speaking in complete (albeit simplistic) sentences. A far cry from Vietnamese gibberish and Thai gobbldegook.

    • Yes. Latin America has been part of my plans since years before I retired. This blog’s second post is titled ‘Relearning Spanish’.

      Thanks for the thumbs up on Ecuador. We loyal readers of your blog are waiting patiently for the first report.

      I’m still considering how to narrow down my search for the next town in which to live in a region so large. Right now I’m leaning toward 2 trips, each up to 3 months long. Ecuador is on my list for the northern of the two trips.

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