Photo Project #6 – How Slow Can I Go?

This project measured the effectiveness of various ways to hold my camera, seeking the most stable one. That allows using slow shutter speeds instead of increasing ISO which means better image quality. That’s technical quality, not aesthetic.

This took far more time and do-overs than expected. Automating various steps took much of the time, more time than it would have taken to do by hand. But I’ve now a method in place for the next camera body, so it will pay off. Besides, this nerd likes playing with the Linux command line and using photo editor batch processing tools.

I found the answers, but won’t bore you with the details. Here is one sample. The right member of each pair was shot on a tripod, the left was hand held.

Speed – 1/6th. Obvious blurring.

Speed – 1/8th. Not enough difference to matter to me.

Speed – 1/10th. Looks the same to me.

Technical Stuff – EOS M, 18-55mm kit zoom. Shot in open shade with ridiculously small f-stops. 100% crops. Only processing was mild sharpening. Color differences were caused by shooting on different days, and the newsprint aged.


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