Back Home

Writing more about coming home than the trip seems weird. So it goes.

Sleeping in my bed – but waking up at 3 to pee and not knowing where the bath room is. That’s not a problem, that’s an adventure.

Greeting Spike and Lucky – but not being gone long enough for them to respond with much of a happy dance. I think I was more pleased to see them then they were to see me. That’s a win.

Seeing the depth of dust and grit on the patio, wondering just how much lung damage that’s causing – but also seeing construction is mostly interior finish work, which is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Returning to my favorite breakfast – but the waitress with the perpetual bad mood treats any prolonged absence as an insult to the restaurant, as usual. Not a problem as it’s still the best breakfast in town, IMHO.

Fighting off a sore throat picked up on the last day of the trip – but — vitamin C and salt water gargling won the battle.

Finding one of the micro four thirds cameras I’m considering is now available in Bangkok – but the other one is rumored to be announced this month and who knows how long it will be before Thailand gets it. Not a problem because I don’t have the time or inclination to research either.

Wondering if I could find a Thai to buy the dog’s anti flea med (cream applied to back of neck, repeated monthly) because the price for foreigners is 5 times the price for Thais – but a soi dog began sleeping regularly in front of my landlord’s front door, the fleas migrated indoors so she bought the flea cream – and bought extra after remembering I wanted some for Spike and Lucky.

Thinking briefly about getting outta town for May – but I’ve traveled enough. I’ll spend may in air conditioned comfort, learning more about my photo editing tool and researching living in other countries. Given how much time I’ve been away from home, leaving would be more of a problem.

Wondering what an English teacher would say about every paragraph beginning with a word ending in ‘ing’.


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