It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Dehydration

Thirty three degrees Celsius is OK, 34 is unpleasant, and at 35 I envy dogs who lie in the shade and sleep until the heat subsides. From about 11 to noon I enjoy air conditioning and coffee while researching the next travel destination* that’s appealing during Hua Hin’s worst weather months. Otherwise, the only AC is usually from one hour before bedtime until waking up.

Waiting until thirst strikes causes dehydration or needing to drink more in the latter part of the day than my stomach health can tolerate. So I have rituals. Sometimes, at the beginning of the hot, dry season, I remember these rituals before too many days being dehydrated.

After getting out of bed, top up the 1.5 liter water bottle on top of the fridge, place newly opened soy milk box and juice box on the easiest to reach fridge shelf. If needed, put a new Gatorade on the same shelf. Drink, set alarm for 30 minutes, repeat until 9pm. After meals, set alarm for 1 hour.

When leaving home, swig something and carry a 500ml water bottle. Upon arriving home in the afternoon, drink Gatorade, shower, drink something else.

Eat most of the daily fruits and veggies at breakfast and lunch. Leaving it until dinner means waking up to pee. TMI?

* Morocco & Spain are still the frontrunners for April +/- 1 month. Ecuador is looking interesting for Sept. – Oct.


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