Photo Project #10 – Impressionism

French Impressionism is my favorite type of art. GIMP’s (my editing tool of choice) impression filter sucks. Some manual results don’t, but the most appealing one requires a fluid tripod head. Travel tripods don’t have such heads. Oh well.

My manual efforts have failed as badly as GIMP’s filter. However each one led to another idea. Finally one of those ideas worked a bit.

These orange flowers burst and die in a few weeks during the windiest time of the year. Standing in the shade of a tree, looking to the sun to watch the wind powered flower fire dance is worth pausing for. Never came close to capturing it in a photo. Slow shutter speeds caught the dance but lost the fire.

So I froze motion with a fast shutter speed. Made 2 masks, 1 for the reds and 1 for the yellows and introduced a feeling (an impression?) of motion by offsetting multiple copies of the masks by a few pixels.

First image is the impressionistic, second was processed to be as close as possible in all respects except the offset masks. Try right clicking on each image, then selecting (in Windoze) Open Link in New Tab. Then click on one of the tabs and use Shift + Page Up and Shift + Page Down to easily see the difference between the 2 photos.

The last Photo Project posted was #6. Seven and 8 were learning about lens lengths. The results were too boring even for this blog. Nine is ongoing and fun. I’m tagging my favorite photos with which elements of composition dominate: line, shape, form, color, pattern or texture. The tagging is on my computer’s photo album, one that has no online counterpart, so showing the results would take way too much time. I’ll continue to tag photos so maybe I’ll find a way to export those sets as big thumbnails for easy review.


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