Some Call it a Gateway Drug. So What?

“a luxury once sampled becomes a necessity” – Andrew Tobias

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) afflicts many photographers. Some want the new, some the different, some the best, some the supposed best, and some want all the above. Some write long 12-step type confessions about their GAS flings draining bank accounts. I pitied the fools, wondering how they started down that path.

Now I know. Seemingly all it takes is one piece of equipment that stands above all others one has used. When the gear is better in several characteristics, that steepens the slope leading to GAS. For the first time I’ve used a fast and sharp prime (fixed length) short telephoto lens, the Olympus 45mm f1.8 (equivalent to a 90mm on a 35mm film camera). I’m hooked.

For the new camera and lenses I decided to first use them in trying conditions, then in better ones, finally in ideal lighting. Why? To maximize the opportunities for me to think “wow” upon seeing the images for the first time. The first 4 photos were taken at night at the aptly named Night Market in Hua Hin.

Fast means usable images from a single fluorescent bulb,

and acceptable quality when the subject is close and moving straight toward the camera (he’s supporting himself with the stool while pushing it),

Sharp makes better image quality in better light,

and ‘I can’t believe this was taken at night’ when subject is both lit well and stationary.

The next round of subjects were in slightly better light – beneath a truck under a carport.

As a pilot I learned to be the best pilot one can be, first master your existing craft before moving to a different one. I’m sure that applies to photography. I’m not sure I have the patience.

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