A Language Pronunciation Tool

Google Translate Android app uses the microphone. Set language ‘translated from’ to the one you’re leaning, set language ‘translated to’ to your native language, tap the microphone icon and speak.

If the ‘translated to’ isn’t what you expected, then incorrect pronunciation could be the cause. Online comments say the app can accurately detect correct tones for tonal languages. Can’t confirm that because I’ve been here over 4 years and still can’t pronounce ‘moo’ (pork) correctly.


2 Responses to A Language Pronunciation Tool

  1. Ellen says:

    That’s really interesting. As a person with some proficiency in a number of languages, I have to say that google translate, although frequently helpful, is also frequently wrong, I would never actually RELY on it.

    • Those errors can be useful. When gTrans differs from what I know, dictionary diving sometimes confirms gTrans was right. I’ve heard no complaints about the pronunciation accuracy, probably because google ‘learned’ it by OCR + dictionary.

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