Finally Understood What The Dog Wanted

Every other morning Spike and Lucky are waiting outside the apartment for their meal. I stopped feeding them daily after a variety of changes shifted the boundaries of their pack, giving them enough food options that they wouldn’t eat dry the dog food I offered. Every other day they still got their high nutrition foods: canned tuna, whole milk or chicken liver. So why was Lucky now waiting hopefully on a non-feeding day?

Two days later she added waiting across the street from where my front door was visible. She’d never done that, but other dogs had. I wondered what was up, but paid her no attention. I’d been sick for days and wasn’t paying attention to much of anything. Next day was a repeat but this time I looked her over, wondering if she was sick or injured. Holy crap, how did she get thin so fast?

By coincidence, I was headed to the market with a shopping list which included tuna and whole milk. Picked up some dry dog food. Lucky crunched and inhaled faster than I’ve ever seen her. Knowing Spike complains about nothing, I brought her some too. Didn’t know she could eat so fast. For the first time I had to restrain Lucky from going after Spike’s food, but that didn’t stop her from growling at Spike (her sister or half-sister) and straining against my hold.

Daily feedings resumed with dry food every day and their usual every other day supplements.

… Two weeks later … Spike sometimes doesn’t finish her dry food. Lucky is filling out and it’s been 12 days since I had to restrain her.

Spike (left) and Lucky eating at a less stressful time.


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