Time to Reconsider Argentina?

Argentina was one of the countries I researched before retiring. By the time I was done with living in the Phils, inflation in Argentina caught my concern. Subsequent checks on their economic health and the US Dollar based cost of living meant the country dropped off my list.

Things changed. Today Argentina defaulted on bond obligations. Inflation has been running between 20% and 25% annually since mid 2009. The possibly good news for an expat is the US Dollar strengthened by 60% against the Argentine Peso since Jan 2013. Once things shake out, I may be able to afford living there for a while.

For over a century, IIRC, Argentina has cycled between prosperity and sitting there looking at the gun shot wound in their foot while not noticing they’re holding the smoking gun*.

*No, I didn’t intentionally use ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ in a sentence. Did I use them correctly?


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