Denuded Beaches

The beach changed after the provincial governor’s plan to reclaim Hua Hin beach from vendors and reorganize the beach to make it more beautiful and pleasant for tourists* began showing results. Online reports said favorite businesses are no more, so I finally went down to see the sea. First I tried to check the place I use during high season to nap between 3 and 4pm but a new barrier preventing U-turns meant risking a traffic checkpoint to visit. So it goes.

Plan B was both easy and eye opening.

The beach in front of these 5 restaurant-bars used to be a forrest of sun lounges, umbrellas, tables and chairs.

Soon to be carted away?

Looks like a for sale sign on the only open business. Seems this building was built set back from the property line, using their own property as a patio for customer seating. Did the others close because all their seating was all on public property?


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