Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream with a Coffee Sauce Ripple Coated with Chocolate and Caramelized Sugar Pieces

Cappuccino seized my attention, Coffee Sauce Ripple sealed the deal. One bite containing Caramelized Sugar Pieces and my monkey was on my back.

Using became more frequent. Then eating when not hungry. After noticing Cappo was the only 1 of the 4 flavors missing, I’d go out of my way to check another convenience store – or two. After realizing the flavor may have been discontinued, I’d take the long way, a way populated by 7-11s, to and from my destination in hopes of one more blissful experience. But once Cappos had vanished, so did my monkey.

Every few days I exercise at a hilltop park overlooking town. One can drive to the top or take one of several trails. I ride to the top then walk up and down the trails, warming up on an easy slopes and finishing on the lung busting, burning leg route. That’s busting and burning relative to my fitness.

A snack shop with shade covered tables beckons from the parking lot. Most pass it by, as I always had. But yesterday my water ran out before my thirst did. While approaching the shop it dawned on me they had 3-4 times the freezer case space than most 7-11s. I looked, found, salivated, then tried several mad monkey motivated methods to slide open the case before realizing it was locked. The shop lady soon appeared.

You’d better believe I’ll be back. If I had a freezer I’d buy the lot. They’re mine, all mine!


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