Turning 60

Sixty years is once around the Chinese lunar calendar, returning to one’s birth zodiac. In Japan it’s a symbolic rebirth. Kanreki is the Japanese 60th birthday ritual. As part of Kanreki one reflects on their life, achievements and direction in which one wants to begin their second 60 year cycle. I turn 60 today, a few weeks before going to Japan. That’s a coincidence. It’s not a coincidence that I’ve embraced the rebirth concept

Japanese culture has rituals for milestones based on age or achievement. I’ve thought some about earlier age related milestones.

18 – Able to vote in time to vote against Nixon. Required to register for the draft. Watched the last year of the draft wind down while holding a lottery number 4 times higher than their expected calls.

21 – Able to buy alcohol. For me and my meager drinking habits, it was a non event.

30 – I couldn’t wait for this one. Moved from the ‘Mens’ division (18-29) to the ‘Veterans’ (30-39) in off road motorcycle competition. My standings, but not my ability, improved because I went from an old man in the division to one of the young guns.

##! – Age at the last time my ID was checked when buying alcohol. I’ve never told anyone the age because no one would believe it.

40 – Enjoying life. Comfortable in my own skin. Age is just a number.

43 years, 8 months, 1 day – First time I left the ground as pilot of an aircraft. One never forgets their first time.

50 – Lack of a compelling sport requiring substantial fitness combined with the outdoor exercise unfriendly climate of Las Vegas gave me concern for my fitness future. Little did I suspect how far I’d fall, repeatedly, before regaining motivation to exercise.

52 – Bought a bright yellow convertible sports car. Mid life crisis? Not a chance. It was sports equipment.

60 – The months leading to this have been the best anti-procrastination wake-up call I’ve ever had.


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