Watching the Exchange Rates

The Baht has appreciated 4% against the Japanese Yen in less than a month. That would be useful if I could exchange Baht (THB) for Yen in Hua Hin. Four percent is not worth making a round trip to Bangkok – but 10% would be.

The local Brits have an 80 page thread on the local expat forum about the Pound (GBP) vs THB rate. They’ve lost 4% for GBP->THB. That discussion vanished after the recent poll showing 51% favoring Scottish independence. There is far more speculation than fact on what that means for exchange rates against the GBP. The locals don’t know whether to sit tight, convert their THB or their GBP. They have good reason to be concerned. Three times in the last 6 years the GBP
lost substantial value against the THB. In the chart below, the farther the orange line is away form the black horizontal 0% line, the fewer THB one receives for his GBP.


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