Managing the Descent into a Maelström

A time and place so long ago I have no clue when or where, I read ‘A Descent into the Maelström’, a short story by Edgar Allen Poe. After sea and weather combined to destroy his ship, the narrator describes how he survived the maelström (whirlpool) pulling debris and men down, then under the sea. Circling the drain he noted objects of certain shapes descended slower than others. When one came near he grabbed hold, staying afloat until the maelström subsided.

Prior to the Tokyo trip, I’d compared Lightroom (LR), a combination photo management and editing Windows program, to my collection of Linux programs and scripts. LR won. After returning home, as the combined fogs of travel fatigue, jet lag and a Thai massage ebbed, I began playing with LR. Then I looked up and realized too many days had evaporated. While solving an immediate, specific issue I kept being seduced by links to other features I knew I’d need soon. Once at the link, skimming was out of the question. I wanted to know more.

I didn’t mind those days evaporating because it was big fun. I’m managing the descent into the LR maelström by taking note of the interesting paths I don’t need at the moment, returning to the answering the current question, then getting on with editing the Tokyo images in the time I’ve allotted for that day. That will leave me time for writing about the trip. And shopping for a laptop. And contemplating short trips in Thailand during the high season. And deciding the start and end dates for next year’s spring trip. And researching enough to either cross Latin America off my list or decide where to go investigate potential places to live. Etc., etc. etc.

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