“Mister, you look for white dog?”

Yeah, I was looking for Spike. Every night around 10 I lock the motorbike and see if Spike and Lucky want any dry food. Spike is harder to find because she sleeps under vehicles, which is harder for me to see because my eyes aren’t as good as they once were. Like me, spike is getting older. I know her vision is deteriorating, just from how closer I approach during the day before she notices me compared to 6 months ago. It also takes her longer to come when called because of the increasing time between opening her eyes and being ready to walk. Finally, her hearing is going. All the soi dogs walk or run in front of cars, but only Spike seems surprised like she’s just heard it, then hurries out of the way.

I found Lucky, then presented the usual offering. She has 2 responses to dry food, this one was new – uninterested in food or me, approached but didn’t come close or engage. At feeding time, anything other than an immediate yes is a no, so I picked up the bowl and continued walking. When I was across from a shophouse where the dogs prefer to hang out during the day, the owner called to me: “Mister, you look for white dog?”

She’s probably seen me looking for the dogs at least 100 times. We’ve never spoken. “What the …”, I thought. Then Lucky’s behavior and Spike’s hearing put the shophouse owner’s question into focus. This wasn’t going to be good news.

It wasn’t. She was hit by a car.

My favorite photo of Spike.

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