Go Where Before High Season?

High Season, or what will pass for it in this coup d’etat year, approaches. Time for a short trip to … somewhere.

First thought was Ko Tao. It’s the closest island, part of a 3 island group including the well known Ko Samui and that island with the full moon parties. Rainy season and rough seas don’t end until December. Drat. Possible if high season builds slowly.

Second choice is the eastern gulf coast leading to Cambodia. All I know is there are islands, marine national parks, one tourist destination I recognized (Ko Chang), a multitude of skin and SCUBA diving opportunities and an inland industrial town with craptacular air which doesn’t stop at the town limits. Obviously plan would be a bus to the easternmost destination, then work my way back until I’d had enough islands or not enough good air.

Cambodia. Where have I heard that name before. Some bucket list place … ah yes, Angkor Wat. Plan C quickly emerged, helped along by today’s email announcing an Air Asia sale starting in 2 days. Fly Bangkok to Siem Reap, then base camp* and Angkor Wat. Bus to Phnom Penh, more base camp. Fly to Vientiane, Laos for, you guessed it, more base camp. Bus to Nong Khai, Thailand.

All destinations are new to me except Nong Khai. This time I’ll hit the places I didn’t try because they seemed like too much work. I’ll also return to the Mondo Bizzaro Scupture Garden both early and late in the day for better photo opportunities with a better camera. Head home on the overnight train to Bangkok.

The only sticking point is my netbook is at the ASUS service center. According to the reputable shop owner, it will be returned in 2 – 3 weeks but he won’t know when until it arrives at his shop. Time to read up on how to use my smartphone and a powered USB hub to back up the camera to an external hard drive.

*for me, base camp travel means some combination of staying in one place until I’m bored, with day trips or overnight round trips or breaking camp and following some whim on a loop trip back to the starting point.

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